Waste not want not – scraps to compost in a day

Jan 7, 2020

PM Fresh Homebush manufacturing site’s veggie scraps are being turned into nutrient rich compost literally overnight, thanks to a partnership with a local bio-lab.

The site receives and produces around 300 tonnes of primary produce from an array of trusted growers weekly, all of which produces 100 tonnes vegetable waste needing disposal.

We have been working closely with Dr Lei Wang from Syntek Environmental to develop an accelerated bacteria system to turn green waste into compost with the aim of returning it to farmers. Trials to date have been extremely successful, with green waste being converted to rich compost overnight.

CEO Ben Watt said we were committed to being environmentally responsible, with diverting green waste just one of the activities contributing to reducing our environmental footprint.

“We’re all about making things which are good for you – good food, with good flavours and for good value. It’s only natural that we want to make sure we’re doing good for the planet as well,” Ben said.